Jess Lewis And Alex Hutchings Perform Room 335

Another incredible performance from Jess Lewis   07-Feb-12

It really can't be long until Jess Lewis is selling out arenas across the world. She can hold her own with the likes of Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings, and even though a few fans have commented on her stand-out vibrato technique, it's really her ability to slide in and out of separate phrases so seamlessly that gives her such a unique style.

In the video above you can see Jess Lewis covering Larry Carlton's 'Room 335'. Jess is joined in the video by Alex Hutchings who gives another one of his stunning performances.

This will be available from Jam Track Central as a free download from 9th February, so make sure you check out their website for news on that.

Well done to JTC for supporting a young guitarist with so much potential as well. The only thing I wish I could see in this video is the Stratocaster being swapped for a Les Paul, I think Les would be proud that his style of playing is still bearing influence over young guitarists in 2012.

Rich Beech

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