Kerry King Talks About New Slayer Record And Hanneman Health

Guitarist says the album will be classic Slayer   06-Feb-12

Kerry King Talks About New Slayer Record And Hanneman Health
Slayer At Fields Of Rock // CC // Francis

Slayer guitarist, Kerry King, has revealed the band have been working on material for their new album. King has also spoken about the health of fellow guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who is currently still undergoing treatment for necrotizing fasciitis - a flesh eating disease likely contracted from a spider bite.

King told Metal Hammer:

“Currently, we’re taking a break, but I am very excited by the way it’s all turning out so far,” King said. “I’ve worked up three songs with Dave, and they’re sounding really refreshing and energetic. I’m certain that I’ll have three more ready to go when we return to action. And then there’s the stuff that Jeff will also bring to the table.”

The guitarist joked that fans will not be hearing an acoustic album any time soon, and that the next album will be "classic" Slayer.

As for Jeff Hanneman; a return to full health is closer than ever before, but the band are still not able to play live:

”Yeah, we could go onstage right now with him and do ‘Mandatory Suicide’,” King said. “If that was the only song in our set, Jeff would be fine. But he’s slowly getting back to full fitness and by the time we’re ready to tour, he’ll be right back onstage with us.

“We always said we’d never entertain the idea of doing an album without [Jeff]. But there he is, getting those riffs ready!” King added.

As always, check back for updates and news on the new album.


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