Get Told Where To Smoke By Jerry Cantrell

Alice In Chains guitarist with simple message   02-Feb-12

Get Told Where To Smoke By Jerry Cantrell
Put That Cigarette Down // CC // Jeff White

If you've always wanted to be bossed around by Jerry Cantrell, now's your chance. The Alice In Chains guitarist has recorded a public service message for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The move is part of the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, which sees a number of artists recording announcements for the airport.

Jerry's message is about smoking:

"This is Jerry Cantrell of ALICE IN CHAINS reminding you that smoking is allowed on the lower drive outside the building and only in designated areas … Bummer, dude."

Hopefully the initiative will provide some degree of light-hearted entertainment during the fairly miserable act of international travel. The initiative will also include the music of Jimi Hendrix being played through the airport's speaker system - lets hope this catches on in all airports.

Rich Beech



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