WNAMM12: Hand-Wired V846-HW Wah from Vox

It's a Wah pedal... which is wired by hand   27-Jan-12

No flash plug

    MP4 2:25 mins

Not much to say about Wah pedals, really... they're a bit of a personal taste but they all do pretty much the same thing (don't they? ;-)

But apparently Vox invented the Wah pedal back in the 60's, and the original V846 has been used on countless recordings.
Forty years on, this new version is based on the original, and is totally hand-wired, but with a few new twists, such as a total bypass when deselected. The components are premium and chosen for maximum fidelity and sturdiness - so you should be getting a bit of a sweet pedal, if you're into the seminal wah-thang.

We have a very quick demo of the new hand-Wired model from Vox for your delectation and delight...



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