WNAMM12: Hear The New ZVEX Pedals In Action

We get a thorough look at the new gear   22-Jan-12

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It's the holy shrine for effects nerds – the ZVEX booth at the NAMM show. I spoke to Eric from ZVEX, and he gave me the low-down on all the updates at the company.

There are three new pedals coming soon, as you probably know by now, these are the Double Rock, Loop Gate, and Sonar. They aren't hitting stores for a few months yet, but you can hear them here.

Sound source was a single SM57 off-axis on the lower-right speaker of a 4x12 Marshall cab. The sound on the amp was clean, so all effects being generated are from ZVEX pedals.

You'll probably spot that Eric was dressed like a robber. This was because of a cops and robbers theme adopted by ZVEX at NAMM. Zachary Vex was dressed as a film-noir style detective, there's never a dull moment with these guys.

Rich Beech



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