WNAMM12: Line 6 Announces Firmware Updates

James Tyler Variax, POD HD500 and POD HD Pro all get improvements   20-Jan-12

WNAMM12: Line 6 Announces Firmware Updates

Line 6 say that free JTV v1.8 and POD HD v2.0 updates for POD HD Pro and POD HD500 create even more inspiring experience for the world's first fully integrated rig for guitarists. Here's how they describe the updates:
  • JTV firmware v1.8 for the James Tyler Variax series features spectacular updates to the guitar's five acoustic models and enhanced functionality when the guitar is connected to a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro multi-effect processor.
  • POD HD v2.0 firmware update for POD HD Pro and POD HD500 includes three brand-new HD amp models that dramatically expand the POD HD family's sonic palette and extend the award-winning Line 6 HD modelling technology to bass amps and mic pre-amps.
Pricing and Availability:
Free downloads for users More information:

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