WNAMM12: Cab In A Box

Two Notes announces Torpedo C.A.B. – a pedalboard friendly powered digital cabinet simulator   20-Jan-12

WNAMM12: Cab In A Box

Two Notes Audio Engineering, manufacturer of the Torpedo range of guitar amp/speaker simulation hardware and software, has announced the upcoming release of Torpedo C.A.B.
It's a new stomp box that provides cabinet simulation for any guitar rig based on a pedalboard. Here's all the details in Two Notes' own words:
Torpedo C.A.B. has all the great features of Torpedo Live in a pedal format, with an input stage that has been specifically designed to work with guitar and line levels. Guitarists creating their sounds from stomp boxes won't ever need to carry an amp on stage again! Torpedo C.A.B. provides power amp simulation (thanks to its component-based modeling algorithms) as well as cabinet + microphone simulation, powered by Two Notes' exclusive Torpedo technology. This proprietary technology accurately emulates the sound and process of miking a guitar or bass cabinet in a professional recording studio, including free microphone placement in the virtual recording room thanks to Torpedo IR synthesis.
Torpedo C.A.B. will be loaded with 32 Two Notes' measured cabs, each featuring 8 studio- standard microphones. 512 user impulse responses slots will be available that can be filled with third party IR files or with your own IR measurement files (free Torpedo Capture software is available on the Two Notes website).
Pricing and Availability:
Torpedo C.A.B. is expected to be available during April 2012. More information:

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