WNAMM12: Bruce Egnater Shows Us His New Pedals

Top notch stomp distortion from Egnater   20-Jan-12

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It's a great day for the world when Egnater releases pedals. I had the honour of speaking to Bruce Egnater, an absolute legend in tube engineering.

He spoke to me about the Overdose and the Holy Driver; two brand new pedals designed to deliver the signature Egnater tone in a stomp box format.

Both pedals are loaded with little features that turn a good pedal into a great pedal. One such feature is the 4-jack I/O on the Overdose. The Overdose features a boost section and an overdrive section, one common problem with dual-purpose pedals is that you might not want to run them in series one after another.

You may want to have 3 pedals in between your overdrive and your boost, and with the Overdose you can use the 4-jack I/O to run any number of pedals in between the boost and overdrive sections of the pedal. Just because the functions are on the same pedal, doesn't mean they have to be next to each other in your chain - genius!

In contrast to the Overdose, which will deliver the classic sound of an amp such as the Rebel 20, the Holy Driver will give you a much heavier distortion. It is also packed with some great little touches, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what they are, because Bruce explains his own products way better than I can.

The pedals are expected to hit the market in the spring, and although a retail price isn't confirmed, you can expect it to be somewhere around the $160 mark.

Rich Beech



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