WNAMM12: Ampeg's Limited Edition Heritage B-15 Is Back For 2012

Overwhelming demand prompts additional units and worldwide shipping   20-Jan-12

WNAMM12: Ampeg's Limited Edition Heritage B-15 Is Back For 2012

Ampeg made big waves last year with the launch of the Heritage B-15, which not only breathed life into a classic Ampeg design, but generated such attention that the limited edition run sold out almost immediately upon announcement.
Ampeg's Director of Amplification, Pyotr Belov, told Amped, "We are happy to announce we are not only doubling our Heritage B-15 numbers for 2012, we are also going to be able to ship worldwide, which was a major request from our international audience." Here's how Ampeg describes the Heritage B-15:
Hand-wired and assembled in the U.S.A., the Ampeg Heritage B-15 delivers legendary tone in a design that truly lives up to the iconic standard set by inventor Jess Oliver 50 years ago. The Heritage B-15 features the circuit paths of both a 1964 and 1966 B-15, including classic Baxandall EQ controls and premium 6SL7 octal preamp tubes along with a bias switch, recreating each years' distinctive bias methodology. The extremely high-quality flip-top cabinet features the legendary double-baffle design and houses a highly-researched, custom-designed 15 inch Eminence driver. The Heritage B-15 is no mere tribute; it meets and exceeds the performance, look and tone of the legendary original, down to each and every component.
Pricing and Availability:
The 2012 run of the Ampeg Heritage B-15 is limited to 100 units and will be available worldwide in June, 2012. More information:

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