WNAMM12: VOX Bruno Guitar Amp Line Expands

New TB18C1 model announced   19-Jan-12

WNAMM12: VOX Bruno Guitar Amp Line Expands

VOX Amplification has once again joined forces with American guitar amp designer Tony Bruno to create the latest addition to the VOX Bruno line, the TB18C1.
Throughout his career, sought-after boutique amp designer Tony Bruno has hand-built over 1000 amplifiers, some of which are regarded as among the finest sounding amps in the world. VOX has collaborated with Bruno over the years, on projects including the 1990s era 6-input Hand-Wired AC30, the Custom Series amplifiers and most notably with the introduction of the VOX Bruno line of amps. This amp line puts a decidedly American twist on traditional VOX tones.
New to the line is the TB18C1. Featuring a pair of 6V6 power tubes, known for their smooth and clean high end, creamy mids, big bass and for their rich "breakup" when overdriven, the amplifier delivers 18 Watts of power through a 12" Celestion G12-65 speaker.
The single-channel preamp offers both High and Low level inputs, as well as Volume, Bass, Middle, and Treble controls. Master Volume and Reverb controls are also provided. The preamp stage is driven by two 12AX7 preamp tubes. Tony's design for the TB18C1 preamp includes two custom created tone-tweaking controls.
Mid Boost Switch
The Mid Boost switch is a mid/gain boost. This specially-voiced mod is ideal for players wanting to boost their solos or leads. Leaving this switch permanently activated dramatically changes the sound of the TB18C1 with more mid-range punch.
Dark Switch
This circuit further tweaks the TB18C1 amp's tonal diversity. When the Dark switch is engaged, the high frequencies are cut, giving the character of the amp a completely different feel.
The TB18C1 includes external speaker jacks and extension cabinet jacks.
Pricing and Availability:
$1100.00. Available April 2012.
More information:

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