WNAMM12: Strat With Roland's COSM Modelling Onboard

Roland and Fender introduce the VG Stratocaster G-5   19-Jan-12

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WNAMM12: Strat With Roland's COSM Modelling Onboard

Roland and Fender have introduced the VG Stratocaster G-5, which they describe as an amazingly versatile electronic guitar that fuses traditional design with the latest in digital music technology. Combining Roland's COSM modelling with Fender's classic Stratocaster guitar, the VG Stratocaster G-5 gives players instant alternate tunings, a wide selection of electric, acoustic and 12-string guitar models, and more--all easily accessible with standard controls on the front of the instrument. Here's the press release from Roland with the full story...
In 2007, the two legendary companies joined forces to create the VG Stratocaster guitar, the first instrument to blend Roland's innovative digital technologies with Fender's iconic solid-body guitar. The VG Stratocaster G-5 represents the next generation in this important partnership, which aims to enhance and expand the potential of the guitar through the seamless integration of familiar, world-class instrument design and leading-edge digital processing.
Inside the VG Stratocaster G-5 is Roland's groundbreaking COSM guitar modelling, the same tone technology found in the VG-99 V-Guitar System and GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer. Driven by an inconspicuously mounted GK-3 Divided Pickup, the onboard COSM engine gives the player a world of different guitar sounds including unique "ideal-performance" pickups, such as a humbucker with ultra-wide range and a single coil with full, bold tone at their fingertips, available simply by adjusting the familiar Stratocaster knobs and 5-way pickup selector switch.
The 20 sounds onboard the VG Stratocaster G-5 include Fender Stratocaster, TelecasterĀ®, humbucking, 12-string, acoustic models, and cutting-edge unique sounds plus five alternate tunings. A Mode Control knob selects one of five distinct modelling modes, while the Tuning Control knob allows players to apply alternate tunings such as open G, drop D, baritone, and others to any currently selected model. In addition, a digital reverb effect is available when an acoustic model is selected.
As an instrument, the VG Stratocaster G-5 is an authentic Fender Stratocaster guitar through and through. It features a solid contoured body, 22-fret maple neck (with rosewood or maple fingerboard), three American StratĀ® single-coil Alnico 5 pickups with 5-way switching, a synchronised tremolo bridge, a 3-ply pickguard, and chrome hardware. The VG Stratocaster G-5 is 100% a real StratĀ® guitar, with the same legendary sound and feel that players have loved for over 50 years.
The VG Stratocaster G-5 gives players a single, versatile guitar that can cover any musical style and playing situation.
The VG Stratocaster G-5 is available in a classic sunburst finish with a rosewood fingerboard, or a black finish with a maple fingerboard.
Pricing and Availability:
Distributed exclusively by Roland, the VG Stratocaster G-5 will be available in March 2012. More information:

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