WNAMM12: New Boss Guitar Multi-FX

GT-100 is the most advanced GT floorpedal ever   19-Jan-12

WNAMM12: New Boss Guitar Multi-FX

BOSS has introduced the GT-100 Amp Effects Processor, the latest addition to the GT-series of floor-based multi-effects for guitarists. Driven by a powerful new BOSS DSP engine, they tell us that the GT-100 is the most advanced GT ever, loaded with newly developed, ultra-responsive COSM amps, updated effects with enhanced real-time control options, dual displays for easy sound programming, and more. Here's all the details in their own words, directly from BOSS:
BOSS has completely remodelled all of the COSM amps in the GT-100, distilling decades of sound research to create the best-sounding guitar processor the company has produced to date. Reaching far beyond conventional vintage amp modelling, the GT-100 includes a host of all-new amps that deliver amazingly transparent clean tones to ultra-high gain modern sounds and everything in between.
At the core of the GT-100 is BOSS' new proprietary DSP chip, a powerful processor that provides unparalleled muscle for COSM amps and effects. Thanks to this powerful new chip, the GT-100's COSM amps are the best yet, with a dynamic touch and response that truly captures the feel and expressiveness of the world's finest tube-based amplifiers.
The GT-100 is also a powerful multi-effects processor packed with a huge array of effects, including overdrives, distortions, delays, pitch shifters, modulation, reverb, and many more. The newly developed ACCEL pedal lets guitarists create explosive effects during live performances by adjusting multiple effects parameters in real time with one simple foot press.
The GT-100's user interface has been completely redesigned as well, offering easy, intuitive operation that greatly improves on previous designs. Dual displays make navigation and tone programming simple, with intuitive parameter adjustment via easy-to-grab knobs. The GT-100 also includes the acclaimed EZ TONE, which gives everyone from beginners to pros' the ability to dial up world-class tones with just a few tweaks. AMP CUSTOMISE and OD/DS CUSTOMISE functions, which enable the creation of original amps and OD/DS are also included.
Housed in a road-tested, all-metal GT chassis with a sleek black finish, the GT-100 is ready for action on stage and in the studio. Eight onboard foot switches provide control over patch selection, as well as immediate access to the built-in Phrase Looper and ACCEL functions. The integrated heavy-duty expression pedal offers foot control over volume, wah, pitch effects, and more. Additionally, the new quick-access Manual mode instantly transforms the GT-100 from a patch-based multi-effects unit to a pedalboard full of legendary stomps with individual on/off control.
Pricing and Availability:
The GT-100 will be available in February 2012. More information:

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