WNAMM12: Ampeg's Reverberocket Gets The Heritage Treatment

The legendary tube guitar combo is back in a hand-wired, U.S.-assembled design   19-Jan-12

WNAMM12: Ampeg's Reverberocket Gets The Heritage Treatment

Ampeg has extended its Heritage Series into the world of guitar amplification with the announcement of the Heritage R-12R Reverberocket tube guitar combo. They say that, hand-wired and assembled in the U.S.A. using the most premium components available, the Heritage R-12R offers the authentic tube-driven reverb and smooth tremolo that made the original one of the most revered guitar combos ever.
Ampeg Director of Amplification, Pyotr Belov, told Amped, "A popular ad for the 1961 original promised a 'completely vibrant experience in sound'. The Heritage R-12R more than delivers the authentic and unique tone of the original. If you are looking for the absolute premium in guitar tone, this is it."
Ampeg tells us that the Heritage R-12R Reverberocket is a stunning recreation of the world's first guitar amp with reverb. High-grade tubes include signature 6SL7/6SN7 octal preamp tubes, a 5AR4 rectifier and 6L6 power tubes, delivering a selectable 15 or 30 watts to the premium Celestion Alnico Gold speaker, chosen only after intensive listening tests to ensure the authentic vintage tone. Completing the Heritage look, the chrome-plated chassis, Black Diamond tolex and meticulous construction are as high-quality and beautiful as the signature tone of this classic guitar amplifier, says Ampeg.
Available worldwide in June 2012, the Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverberocket build is limited to 100 units. Pricing and Availability:
Available worldwide in June 2012. More information:

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