WNAMM12: Slap Bass And Percussion In One Instrument

It's the Slaperoo!   18-Jan-12

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    MP4 3:15 mins

Have you ever had the desire to play the Seinfeld theme tune on both bass guitar and percussion simultaneously? Most people have, and a guy named Andy Graham has invented an instrument to facilitate that primal desire.

The Slaperoo is an electric tuned percussion instrument, in other words, it's an electric percussion instrument that you can also play melody on. You can plug it into your pedal rig and amp, and create some crazy sounds, as Andy demonstrates in the video above.

The video above is a preview of the instrument, we will be visiting Andy later on during the show to find out his process for inventing the Slaperoo.

Apologies for the occasional crackles on the audio, it's the first day of NAMM and we are ironing out the kinks in the system!

More info – Slaperoo.com

Rich Beech



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