VIDEO: New Van Halen 'Tattoo' Video

The first single from the new album   10-Jan-12

Van Halen - Tattoo from Van Halen on Vimeo.

Here is the video for the first single from Van Halen's forthcoming album A Different Kind Of Truth. The song is called 'Tattoo', and the video has a suitably rockin' vibe.

The album is to be released on February 7th, with the single having already been released! You can buy the single on iTunes.

There have been a flood of positive comments from fans on the single's iTunes homepage.

"I'm sitting here literally listening to Tattoo for the first time while writing this on my iPad. This single is I'm so happy to be hearing new Van Halen for the first time in too, too long. It's great to hear David Lee Roth in the band again." Said user John Hermitage.

"David lee roth [sic] rocks, first time in 28 odd years!!! yeah!!!" Said user JJGuitarist1992.

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