Two Unreleased Radiohead Tracks Leaked Online

More songs from 1986 demos now online   09-Jan-12

First of all, we can safely say that these songs were not recorded by a Canadian baker, they were in fact recorded on a 1986 demo tape from which some songs have already been released.

This was of course before Jonny Greenwood was in the band, and before the band were even known as Radiohead. There's a definite Morrissey influence shining through on Thom Yorke's vocals, and a general hint of The Smiths, U2, and The Cure in both of the tracks.

This comes at the start of a year in which the band have said that they will be writing and recording new material, and will be doing a world tour.

The tracks are called 'Fat Girl' and 'Fragile Friend', and you can hear both of them on this page. The songs were recorded at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire.


Rich Beech

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