Unearthed Radiohead Song Actually Recorded By Baker

Song exposed as a fake   03-Jan-12

The supposedly 'lost' Radiohead track, believed to be recorded during the same era as 'The Bends' was recorded, has been revealed as a fake.

The song is not called 'Putting Ketchup In The Fridge', as was to be believed if you read certain internet rumours, but is actually titled 'Sit Still', and was recorded by Christopher Stopa.

Christopher owns a bakery in Canada, and recorded the song with his former band in 2001. He told CNN of the moment he discovered that the supposedly leaked track was actually his own recording:

"What started coming out of my speakers sounded extremely familiar and after a couple of seconds I thought 'Wait a minute, this is my song'," he told CNN.

The revelation has led to the comment sections of websites and social networks filling with support for Chris and his former band, 'Public'. Many are encouraging the band to reform.

You can listen to the track below:

Sit Still by Christopher Stopa

Rich Beech



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