Paul McCartney Goes For The Jugular Of The Fakers

No tapes for Sir Paul   02-Jan-12

Paul McCartney Goes For The Jugular Of The Fakers
Paul Never Really Got The Hang Of Lip-Syncing // CC // Oli Gill

Most modern musicians or music fans would have either been in a band that has used backing tapes, or seen a band that has been using a backing tape. I've sessioned for my fair share of bands who have used trigger pads, and I've also lost jobs to backing tapes, because they can keep time better than I can, and they take up less space.

But what about bands who fake it completely, is there a line? Paul McCartney certainly thinks there is, and after a recent conversation with sound engineer Paul 'Pablo' Boothroyd, Macca has publicly made clear his disgust for those bands who fake it on the big stage.

Boothroyd let McCartney in on the fact that many major acts he had worked with in the past have used backing tapes, here's what Macca said on the matter:

"Our sound guy Pablo used to be on some tours and at one point in the show a little red light would go on and he’d be live," McCartney told The Daily Express, "and he would play it out for 30 seconds and the light would go off, and the tape would go on again." He added.

“We are glad at the end five of us take a bow and there is nobody hidden under the stage either which I hear some naughty people do."

The Liverpudlian legend has refused to name names. Artist's directories reveal that Boothroyd has worked with the likes of AC/DC, The Eurhythmics, and John Mayall.


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