Foo Fighters Get Ball Rolling On New Album

Grohl announces he is not finished yet   14-Dec-11

Foo Fighters Get Ball Rolling On New Album
Wasting Light was released in April, 2011

Dave Grohl has thanked fans for supporting what he says is "the most incredible album experience of our bands 17 year history."

The Foo Fighters frontman also suggested that the band is not finished yet, and will hit the studio again in 2012. Grohl broke the news on the band's blog, by saying:

"And to all of you.....we're not finished yet. There are still more shows to play, more songs to write, more albums to record, for years to come. I mean.....If you would have told me 17 years ago that in 2012 I would be writing songs for our 8th studio album....well..... (sic)."

Grohl gave no details about the forthcoming recording, but one could assume that given his praise of recording to tape with Butch Vig within the blog update, and the band might be likely to undergo a similar process when they record a new album.

"Most of all, we wanted it to sound huge," Grohl commented on the making-of Wasting Light. "That's why we decided to use Butch Vig. His role in this whole experience is huge, and he deserves a great 'thanks', too. Not many producers would accept the challenge that we handed him. He's the best, for sure. Together, we made the album of a lifetime. Again." He added.

Grohl finished by thanking the fans:

"If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't be here. We owe you so much."

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