Fishman Use 3D Printing For Amplification Parts

Customers unable to tell the difference compared to the real thing   13-Dec-11

Fishman Acoustic Amplification has used its Objet desktop 3D printer to print mechanically accurate guitar amplification device prototypes that customers can't tell apart from the real thing.

The 3D printing leads the way for Fishman to perfect designs quickly and efficiently, enabling the company to test a wide variety of designs due to the flexibility of the printer. If the printed part isn't quite right, the team can quickly alter the part and print it again.

Previously, outsourced prototyping had been expensive and slow. Now, with in-house prototyping using the Objet desktop 3D printer, Fishman can produce new products at a greater pace.

"Kula, our new onboard ukulele system, is an example of where we really got a chance to use the Objet desktop 3D printer to its fullest advantage," says Robert Ketch, Vice President of OEM Sales at Fishman Acoustic Amplification. "The prototypes of the Objet desktop are of such good quality that our customers think they are production parts. We're going to be making many more pieces with the Objet desktop 3D printer to repeat the success we had with this product. The impact on the timeline and the impression that Objet makes have been really valuable."

Ian Popken, Director, Product Development at Fishman Acoustic Amplification, says: "It's a very smooth process and the Objet 3D printer is easy to use. Just recently we had one part that went through three revisions in a single day. It's pretty remarkable to get a perfect prototype so quickly without compromising on design quality."

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