Analog Or Digital Test, Foo Fighters 'Everlong'

Which is digital and which is analog   01-Dec-11

Here's another simple test for you! We have recorded to sound sources, both of which have been recorded with the same microphone (as well as a DI signal on the digital one), one was an analog source, and one was a digital source.

Can you guess which video was analog, and which video was digital. To give you a hint, the analog was recorded with an Egnater Rebel 20, and the digital was recorded using Line 6's flagship HD equipment. As a disclaimer, the digital signal is going through a cab, and therefore being recorded with a microphone, so technically there is also analog circuitry within the signal path. But the source od the sound is not analog.

The song in both videos is an adaptation of 'Everlong' by Foo Fighters.

Rich Beech



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