New Overdrive And Fuzz Pedals

The Tone God releases the Acute ModestScream and Acute NerFuzz   30-Nov-11

The Tone God has released two new stompboxes - Acute ModestScream and Acute NerFuzz. Here's what they have to say about them in their own words...
The Acute ModestScream is our take on the classic green overdrive. Added to the original circuit are four of the most popular circuit modifications ("mods") including switchable diode combinations, switchable frequency response ranges (a.k.a. "FAT" mod), switchable opamps, and a clean blend. All of the mods can be applied on demand while powered on and plugged in with no pops or other noise. No need to take the effect apart or fire up the solder iron to change parts over and over again. No need to have your effect modified by someone else. No need to keep buying yet another variation of the same circuit only to find out you do not like that version.
With 18 different different diode combinations, four different frequency response ranges, four different opamps, and the clean blend control the Acute ModestScream can create 576 different variations in one unit. Now you can try the most popular mods and decide for yourself what specific mods you like. If your overdrive tastes ever change you can simply adjust the mods instead of buying a new overdrive.
The Acute NerFuzz is the mini version of the NerFuzz. Created for those who want a simple but versatile version of the NerFuzz that will not take up as much of their precious pedal board real estate. Despite it's smaller size it can still produce most of the wide range of sounds available in the NerFuzz. Still included are the fuzz sounds going from mild overdrive to fuzz chaos, vintage to modern tones, blues to experimental styles using seven control parameters. All of the controls from NerFuzz are included in the Acute NerFuzz except the three band EQ has been replaced with a single low / mid band EQ control. Of course all these tones are created using a 100% analog signal path.
Pricing and Availability:
Acute ModestScream: $230
Acute NerFuzz: $200
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