Analog Or Digital? Take The Blind Challenge

Challenge 1 in our new Watts Up series   29-Nov-11

The soon to be released fifth episode of our guitar show will feature the Watts Up team taking £10,000 worth of digital and analog gear, and putting it to the test to see if there really is a big difference in sound.

As a teaser for the episode, which will be released this weekend, here is a blind test for you guys. Can you tell if the audio from the video above was recording with a digital or analog rig?

Just to make this a bit easier, the song was recorded on a Fender Stratocaster, on the neck pickup. But what was the Strat plugged into?

There are no prizes for guessing it right, just a well-earned sense of smugness and self satisfaction.

More challenges will be uploaded later in the week!

Rich Beech

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