Metallica Expands Black Album Tour

Further chances for fan to witness seminal album live   28-Nov-11

Metallica Expands Black Album Tour
Sweaty But Happy // CC // Kreepin Deth

Metallica recently announced that they were planning to perform the 'Black Album' (Metallica's self-titled album) in its entirety during a performance at next year's download festival.

The band have now confirmed that they will perform the same live rendition of the album at more shows during a tour of Europe. Dates have been added in Germany and Austria, all of which are festival performances.

Full list of 'Black Album' performances:

Nurnberg Rock IM Park - June 1st (Germany)

Nurburgring Rock AM Ring - June 2nd (Germany)

Download Festival - June 9th (England)

Nickelsdorf Nova Rock - June 10th (Austria)

In a statement, the band said:

“As you may have picked up already, this year’s European trek has a theme... each night we will be playing “The Black Album” in its entirety to celebrate the 20th (ish!!!) anniversary of its release in August of 1991. We know, we seem to be big on these anniversary things lately... any excuse to get out and play!”

Rich Beech

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