Hey Tambourine Woman... Shut Up!

Coldplay frontman bans tambourine!   28-Nov-11

Chris Martin stopped a performance last week to tell an audience member to stop playing tambourine. The Coldplay frontman was performing 'The Scientist' with his band, when a woman in the audience joined in.

After the opening few chords, Chris Martin stopped and said:

"I don't mean to be rude, this is not a tambourine song.

"We tried a tambourine on the recording and we had to scrap it, so we've been playing it for ten years without tambourine. Please don't take it personally... you sound fantastic.

"Don't take this to be some kind of anti-tambourine rally or rant against the tambourine. It's one of my favourite percussion instruments."

The speech was met with laughter and applause from audience members, and the tambourine woman seemed to take it very well. The event was a Little Noise Session in aid of mental health charity, Mencap.


Rich Beech

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