Bumblefoot Releases New Singles

Guitarist teams up with Scarface   21-Nov-11

Bumblefoot Releases New Singles
Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal // CC // That Rock Metal Guy

Bumblefoot has teamed up with rapper, Scarface, for three new releases – exclusive to iTunes.

Bumblefoot produced the new track, titled 'Cold Blooded', which was recorded to promote the forthcoming Work Ethic album from Scarface.

The description of the track on the musician's website reads as follows:

"Heavy groove lines, raw live instruments and heart felt lyrics showcase Scarfaces's mastery of the game. Guns N Roses lead guitarist, Bumblefoot collaborated by mixing and mastering the track with producer Joe Traxx  Cold Blooded in classic G N R style."

Three different mixes of the track are available, including an acoustic mix, a rock mix, and an urban mix. You can purchase these via this link.

Rich Beech

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