Learn To Play Guitar Like Joe Satriani

Nail down the techniques of a guitar legend   20-Nov-11

So we've all gone through videos of Joe Satriani on Youtube in an attempt to study the crazy movements of his left-hand.

As the man who has taught some of the world's most talented guitarists, we all want to be able to learn from the technique of a true guitar legend.

The guys at Next Level Guitar have made Satch's left-hand the study of an 11-minute-long video lesson, and the best part... it's free!

The main focus of the lesson is legato technique, and training the fingers on your left-hand to be both strong and speedy, whilst efficiently dampening the unused strings with your right-hand.

The tutorial offers a number of legato licks in the style of Satriani, and shows how you might use modal theory to emulate the melodic phrasing used in Joe Satriani's solos.

You can visit Next Level Guitar's website, or watch the video in the embed above.

Rich Beech



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