VIDEO: TonePrint App Put To The Test

See how it all works   19-Nov-11

Earlier this week we posted an update concerning's demo of the Carl Martin Classic Flange.

Jon Bloomer, editor of the site, has also posted a video of the new TC Electronic TonePrint App in full action with the Shaker Vibrato pedal.

Jon and I had a chat about the TonePrint range during our interview on the Watts Up Guitar Show, what didn't make the final edit of episode 4 of the show was the chat we had about the TonePrint app.

The reason it didn't make the final edit was because at 9:00am (GMT) on the day of the interview we spoke about the teaser video released by TC, which is still online here.

We spent 10 minutes guessing what the (at that time) secretive project could be. By 2:00pm that afternoon, and before I'd even had time to edit the video, let alone upload it, TC Electronic had announced that the secret project was in fact an app for their TonePrint range.

Now Jon has done a great idea of showing off how the app works, and you can see this video at the top of this page.

The coolest part of the app for my money, is actually not the beaming of a signal into the guitar pickups, but the videos on the app showing how some of the TonePrints were made!

Rich Beech



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