Rod Stewart Guitarist Goes Blind

Jeff Golub Sudden Sight Loss   16-Nov-11

Rod Stewart Guitarist Goes Blind
Jazzy Jeff // CC // Xopher Smith

Jazz/Blues guitarist, and former member of Rod Stewart's band, Jeff Golub, has suddenly gone blind.

The guitarist has already been performing for a while in spite of a collapsed optic nerve in one eye, but recently he has also suffered sight-loss in his other eye.

Despite the troubles with his sight, Golub remains in good spirit. He told The Globe:

"It's just some random thing."

He also told VOA News:

“It is a labor of love and it’s great to have it out there.  I mean there have been so many great blues musicians throughout history that have been blind.

"I have an eight-year-old and 10-year-old son. I can't really let my guard down... They don't need to see me cancelling gigs and wallowing in self-pity."

It seems Jeff won't let anything come between him and his guitar, good on him!


Rich Beech


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