Keith Richards Receives Prestigious Award For 'Life'

Norman Mailer award for Rolling Stones guitarist   16-Nov-11

Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, has been awarded a Norman Mailer award for his autobiography, 'Life'.

Normal Mailer was a pioneer of 'new journalism' and a multiple award winner himself, his awards included two Pulitzer Prizes. Keith proudly received the award bearing Norman's name.

Keith said in his acceptance speech:

"This is the most amazing thing to happen to me… this is one for the books!"

Keith then poked fun at the other writers in attendance, saying:

"I write one book and I get an award, s*** happens."

The prize was presented to the guitarist by former-President, Bill Clinton

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of 'Life' you can order it now, in hardcover, paperback and audio editions, directly from the store.

You can watch footage of Keith's acceptance speech below:


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