The Ultimate Wah Pedal?

Bob Bradshaw teams up with Jim Dunlop   15-Nov-11

The MC404 CAE Wah is Jim dunlop's collaboration with guitar-rig specialist Bob Bradshaw.

Mr Bradshaw has been customizing wah pedals since forever, and is now passing his expertise onto the general public with the special-edition wah pedal.

The pedal features a red and yellow inductor (the thing that makes it go 'wah'), these offer slightly different tonal options to each other, and they are both adjustable. This means that you can choose to have a classy mellow wah for your Friday night soul band, and then make a few adjustments to get your screaming Hendrix wah for your Saturday night rock band.

Dunlop have made a video to show off the tonal variety of the pedal, as-per-usual the video is not lacking in style, it's shot well, edited brilliantly, and even uses great typography (showing off my secret desire to be a graphic designer there).

In the first part of the video Bob Bradshaw talks about his collaboration with Dunlop, in the second part of the video, you can see and hear the pedal in action.

Watch the video above. For full spec, click here.

Rich Beech

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