Full Rundown Of Iron Maiden Guitarist's Rig

See how Dave Murray gets his sound   15-Nov-11

So other than putting on the some of the best stage shows in metal history, Iron Maiden always sound amazing, without fail.

Obviously a fair amount of this comes from the fact that Dave Murray, Janick Gers, and Adrian Smith are great guitarists, but you've got to give credit to those behind-the-scenes guys who crawl around pressing buttons and fixing things like technically-competent goblin folk.

But what wonderful goblins they are! Thanks to TC Electronic, we can now see what goes on behind the Iron Curtain of the Maiden show. In particular we can see how Dave Murray's guitar rig works, and this is all explained to us by guitar-tech, Colin Price.

What do TC get from filming this? Are they doing it out of the goodness are there hearts? Obviously not! Dave Murrary uses the TC Electronic G-Force System, which controls all of his effects (we are guessing modulation and delay effects). It could all just be an incredibly lucky conincidence that TC turned up with a camera, and filmed Iron Maiden's rig, which just happened to have some flagship TC gear incorporated into it... but probably not.

Who cares anyway? A bit of propaganda is good for your soul, and the G-Force System is probably the best effects system on the market... (I hope I got that quote right or the TC guys will kill me).

Dave Murrary also uses the JMP-1, Marshall's valve MIDI pre-amp. Quite a nice rig all round!

You can watch the video at the top of this page. Thanks TC!

More info on TC Electronic.

Rich Beech

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