Axl Rose Deserves A Good Beating... Apparently

The wise words of Gene Simmons   15-Nov-11

Axl Rose Deserves A Good Beating... Apparently
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Bass player and businessman extraordinaire, Gene Simmons, has spoken out about Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose. Simmons is not exactly famed for his diplomacy, so this could be interesting!

In an interview with, the man from KISS had this to say:

"You get to sleep in the bed you make.

"Guns and Roses could have been the best band in the world and the reason they're not is because of Axl Rose.

"Drugs, heroin, alcohol and all that but ultimately it falls on Axl Rose's shoulders... A good beating would have helped.

"When you misbehaved as a little kid there's someone there to give you a what for. Then when you become a grown-up who's there to set you straight?"

Wise words from Gene, although it isn't abundantly clear whether he is encouraging the beating of children, it is clear that he is definitely encouraging the beating of Axl Rose. This could get a reaction from GNR fans.

Axl is in the news at the moment for pretty much every single reason other than his music, this includes being late to gigs, and accusing Slash of having "p*ssed his pants" after Guns N' Roses shows.

You can watch the full interview with the wonderful here.

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