Jason Newsted Talks Metallica And Lulu

Ex-Tallica bass player in interview   14-Nov-11

Jason Newsted Talks Metallica And Lulu
Bass Face - Jason Newsted now plays guitar in Papa Wheelie

In a recent interview, ex-Metallica bass player, Jason Newsted has spoken about working with Papa Wheelie, swapping instruments, Metallica, and Lulu.

In particular, Newsted hinted (very strongly) that he would be available for the Metallica 30th anniversary shows, at which there are due to be special guests. The rest of his band, Papa Wheelie, also chimed in and said that they would be available, after which Newsted told Nikki Blakk (of the Metal Zone):

"We would love to open for Metallica."

The interwiew was for "107.7 The Bone". Newsted also spoke about playing live, claiming that his motto for shows is "we're not good but we're loud."

Papa Wheelie fans may disagree about the first part of that statement, but he is definitely correct about the second part, he went on to say:

"When we've got the fresh ears to spank, we're very happy about that as well."

The band will be performing shows with Kyuss Lives, so for full dates head to this link.

For the full interview, click here.

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