Gwar Unmasked In Memory Of Cory Smoot

Band in tribute to late guitarist   14-Nov-11

The the video above, Gwar perform an unmasked tribute to their late guitarist to Cory Smoot. Cory played the character of Flattus Maximus, who has since been retired after his passing.

The guitarist unexpectedly passed-away on November 3rd, and his body was discovered by his band mates on the tour bus after a show.

Gwar performed a tribute to Cory at their recent show in Portland, Oregon. In the video you can see the band perform without their masks; playing the song 'Maggots', before talking about the late guitarist, and then playing 'Sick Of You'.

Cory Smoot was the fifth and final guitarist to play the part of Flattus Maximus, he also played a string of bands before joining Gwar.

Rich Beech

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