Keith Richards Compares Mick To A Diva

Despite the differences the two are still 'brothers'   13-Nov-11

Keith Richards Compares Mick To A Diva
Mick? Diva? Surely not! // CC // Dina Regine

All four remaining members of the Rolling Stones recently took part in separate interviews with The Guardian, and the band members were all asked questions about their relationships with each other.

The general feel was that Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts all seem to be getting on well together, and have put quabbles behind them as they collectively dot around retirement age.

Keith was on hand with another million-dollar quote about Mick, though. The guitarist compared Mick to famous opera diva Maria Callas.

When Richards was asked if working with Mick is "a bit like working with your brother?" He replied:

"No, it's like working with Maria Callas... The diva is right and we've got to try and put music together without annoying the diva. If the diva gets too annoyed, then I get pissed off. Do you think when we get together we're all like happy families? Forget about it. We've been fighting cats and dogs all our career.

"We're like brothers in that sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other and sometimes we don't even care. I've been playing guitar, watching that bum [dance in front of me] for years."

Ron Wood also came clean about the extent of his former alcoholism, but made it clear that this was all behind him:

"I became an annoying kind of drunk... I annoyed myself and it wasn't working any more… I thought, 'This is not me, this is horrible.'

"I would have long times – months – of sobriety and then say, 'I've got it, I can have a drink now, I can have a drug now' and it would all explode and go terribly wrong… I'm still learning from my mistakes and I'm determined I'll never do anything stupid like that again."

You can read the full article at The Guardian.

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