Watts Up: How To Improve Your Improvisation, Episode Four

New episode also goes through getting cheaper gear online   12-Nov-11

Episode four of Sonic State Amped's very own guitar show has gone live today. The focus of the latest episode is on improvisation, and how to freshen up your soloing with some simple changes.

Gianluca Ferro from Italian prog-band S.H.I.N.E. takes the helm for the lesson, and shows off how you can get incredible sounding solos without having to cram notes.

Also on the new episode is a guide for getting cheaper deals online. As guitarists, we inevitably need to buy new gear almost every week... what would we do without that new delay pedal? How would we manage to play a whole set without swapping to a new guitar eight times?

Rob and I have learnt a few things during our search for cheaper gear online, and we'd like to share those tips with you, so we give our top tips for buying online.

If you have seen the show before, you may have noticed that the news section of the show has always been a bit... improvised (told you we were talking a lot about improvisation this week). To remedy this, we've enlisted the help of Jon Bloomer from Guitar Noize. I spoke to Jon, who is based in Australia, via the magic of Skype, and he has all of the latest news from the guitar world.

Please subscribe, like, comment, and all of those things! If you have any gear you'd like us to review, or any tests you'd like us to perform, then just let us know via comment.

You can watch the episode via this link, or in the video embedded at the top of the page.

Rich Beech

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