New App For Pink Floyd Lovers

Official app hits stores next week   09-Nov-11

New App For Pink Floyd Lovers

This Day In Music Apps have announced the release an official Pink Floyd app, to be titled This Day In Pink Floyd.

The app will feature profiles on particular songs, band trivia, quiz questions and much more. As part of the This Day In Music collection, the app will feature daily updates with facts about the bands for every day of the year.

To be precise, the app contains a guide to every single song by the band, 200 quiz questions, 200 facts about the band, 100 images, two wallpaper images, a ringtone for "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond", and a re-rendered video for "Point Me At The Sky".

The app will be available for all iOS devices. For more information, check out the video below:

Rich Beech



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