Brian May: TV Culture In Music Is Unhealthy

Guitarist comments on tough times for musicians   09-Nov-11

Brian May: TV Culture In Music Is Unhealthy
May In 1981 // CC // Eddie Mallin

Queen guitarist, Brian May, has spoken out against an 'unhealthy TV culture' in the music industry.

Musicians such as Nicky Wire and Noel Gallagher have also commented on the agenda-setting nature of television music shows, both discussing the X Factor on separate episodes of the Jo Whiley Music Show.

Brian May did not single-out any programme in particular, but during an interview with Absolute Radio, he did comment on how rising to fame almost instantly (presumably as part of a talent show such as X Factor) could stifle an artist's development:

"I still have a problem with this dominance of the TV culture, and it's still there. Perhaps it's peaked, I don't know.

"Much though there are good people in that process, I do feel it stifles the rest of people who are just going through the normal route of developing as artists.

"To me I find that kind of unhealthy, but everyone gets caught up in it, I think that's the way things are today.

"It takes a long time to develop into the sort of animal that can deal with what happens in this world. It's a strange world to live in, it's a very unreal world, even when you're not on stage."

The guitarist also talked about the hurdles facing original artists who just want to get their music heard by the right people, claiming that it is a difficult time for singer-songwriters. However, the man behind some of the world's best-selling songs remains optimistic:

"I think as a singer-songwriter it must be the worst job in the world to be heard now at this point... [but] things are changing, I'm sure music isn't about to lie down and die right now."


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