Lulu Is 97% Worse Than Metallica's Death Magnetic

The numbers don't look good for Loutallica   07-Nov-11

Lulu Is 97% Worse Than Metallica's Death Magnetic

Lou Reed has already admitted that he has recieved death threats from some more extreme Metallica fans regarding the unlikely pairing's new collaborative album, but it seems that some of more level-headed Metallica fans are not responding well to Lulu either.

Sales of the album look to be 97% worse than those of Death Magnetic in their respective opening weeks. Worldwide sales are estimated to stand between 12,000 and 15,000, compared with the mighty effort of Death Magnetic which saw the album achieve 490,000 in its first week.

Just to rub salt in the wound, the figures are also slightly distorted by the fact that Death Magnetic only had three days of sales in its opening week, due to the fact it was released on a Friday. Lulu was released on a Tuesday.

The album's highest chart position was in Sweden where it reached number nine, in the UK the album only reached number 36.

Rich Beech

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