Ronnie Wood Showcases Rock N Roll Art

Ronnie Wood's Faces, Time and Places   31-Oct-11

Ronnie Wood Showcases Rock N Roll Art
Rock N Roll Historian? Ron Wood // CC // Catharine Anderson

November will mark the showcase of Ronnie Wood's art exhibition, Ronnie Wood's Faces, Time and Places.

The exhibition will take place between November 7th and November 12th, and will feature 100 pieces of art work by the great musician.

The display will take place in London, at The Gallery In Cork Street.

Wood said in an interview with The Observer:

"People don't know that I'm an artist. Playing music as part of a team effort is wonderful, but to express individuality as an artist is very personal. Art is more powerful, a more personal statement."

He also revealed that his close friend, Damien Hirst, had provided him with everything he needed to get started, adding: "He [Hirst] could have furnished a whole art school with the brushes, easels, paint, everything. He told me: 'Now you've got no excuse."

During Ronnie Wood's drug addiction, the guitarist claimed he was kidnapped by Hirst and taken to rehab.

The exhibition's curator had this to say about Ronnie Wood, as an artist (via NME):

"Ronnie played with everybody and kept friends with everybody – George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend… The iconic rock 'n' roller. His art explains the history of rock 'n' roll."

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