Nicky Wire: We Just Wanted To Be Hated

Manics man tears apart music industry   30-Oct-11

Nicky Wire: We Just Wanted To Be Hated
Nicky Wire with Professor Green, Jo Whiley, and Will Young // Property of Sky Arts

Welsh music legend, Nicky Wire, has confronted the state of the modern music industry during an appearance on Jo Whiley's new music show.

The Manic Street Preachers bass player spoke about the X Factor culture, and the problems facing record companies. He also noted the lack of bands with a political message in times of worldwide economic hardship, claiming (alongside other guests on the show, Will Young and Professor Green) that music is now more about popularity.

He commented:

"When I started I just wanted to be hated. Everyone was like it; Morrissey, Ian McCulloch. Now you see a band go on Glastonbury, and literally the band just says 'It's such a privilege for us to be here, you're the greatest audience in the world'.

"If it was Iggy Pop he'd just go f*** off I hate you load of crusties."

Wire went on to call the music industry a "cash cow", claiming that record companies are under pressure to put their music into safe-bets, rather than risking their money on new sounds.

He referenced X Factor's Matt Cardle, calling him a "Watered down version of an already watered down couple of bands." (The 'already watered down' band being Snow Patrol).

Asked if he had any regrets, he answered:

"Lots off people said they don't regret anything, but when I'm walking my daughter to school and there's a picture in the press of me in a dress the night before, she's kinda walking ten paces in front of me."

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