Unheard Freddie Mercury Queen Demos To Be Released

New Freddie material could be on the way   27-Oct-11

Unheard Freddie Mercury Queen Demos To Be Released
Queen in Frankfurt, 1984 // CC // Thomas Steffan

Brian May has suggested that Queen may be about to release a number of previously unreleased songs, recorded with Freddie Mercury before the legendary singer's passing away.

May and Taylor are going through the band's master tapes to unearth any treasures which may not have seen the light of day during the band's prolific 20 year stint as recording artists.

The guitarist also suggested that the band was planning a follow up to the hit musical 'We Will Rock You'.

He told The Daily Star:

"As well as seeing what we can unearth, we want to do a new musical to follow 'We Will Rock You'. The songs are there, it's just a question of finding time to get the right production."

Queen released material with Freddie after his passing, in the form of the 'Made In Heaven' album, but it has long been rumoured in Queen fan circles that there is more material available for release.

We will bring more updates on the story as it develops.

Rich Beech



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