Kiss Tom Petty's Amp!

Go on, you know you want to   20-Oct-11

Kiss Tom Petty's Amp!
Go On, Kiss Him // CC // Marion S

Fortunately (unless you are a Tom Petty stalker), the headline of this article pertains to Petty's new album, rather than an actual chance to kiss his amp.

The new album is to be titled Kiss My Amps (Live), and will be released as part of Record Store Day's 'Black Friday'. The live album will be pressed onto vinyl.

The Black Friday event is tailored as a pre-christmas push to raise awareness and sales for independent record stores. This year it falls on November 25th, which is the release date for the album.

You will have to (and this may sound old fashioned) get down to your local record store fast, as only 5000 copies are being pressed. This will be a limited-edition album, and each copy will be individually numbered.

You will also be given a code with which you can download the album in digital format.

Here is the full tracklisting:

Side One:

1. ‘Takin’ My Time’ — July 22, 2010 — The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Mich.

2. ‘I Should Have Known It’ — June 16, 2010 — Rexall Place, Edmonton, Canada

3. ‘Sweet William’ — June 14, 2008 — Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass.

4. ‘Jefferson Jericho Blues’ — Aug 1, 2010 — Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, Pa.

Side Two:

1. ‘First Flash of Freedom’ — Aug 1, 2010 — Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, Pa.

2. ‘Running Man’s Bible” — Sep 18, 2010 — Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, Raleigh, N.C.

3. ‘Good Enough’ — July 31, 2010 — Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, Pa.


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