John Lennon's Tooth To Be Sold At Auction

Wisdom could be in the tooth of the holder   19-Oct-11

John Lennon's Tooth To Be Sold At Auction
John Lennon in 1969 // CC // Roy Kerwood

November 5th will see the auction of a very curious item; a tooth from none other than John Lennon.

Estimates as to the value of the item currently stand at £10,000/$18,000. The tooth was given to Lennon's housekeeper at the Kenwood Mansion, Surrey, in the late 1960s.

Dot Jarlett was initially told to throw the tooth away, but when Lennon found out that her daughter was a Beatles fan, he offered it to the daughter as a keepsake,

"This is the most wonderful and weird item that we have ever had for sale," Karen Fairweather of Omega Auctions told the BBC. "It is a truly unique item and it is really difficult to put a value on it."

Rich Beech

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