Bag Yourself A Vintage Gibson Collection

But only if you've got a few bucks to spare   19-Oct-11

Bag Yourself A Vintage Gibson Collection

If you are clever enough to have made millions of dollars, euros or pounds in your career, or if you are lucky enough to have won the lottery, then perhaps you may be interested in buying yourself a whole collection of vintage guitars.

Instead of taking your time to collect guitars one-by-one, why not just do it all in go?

Well one lucky eBayer must have bagged himself a treat this week, including a number of vintage Gibson Les Pauls (with Bigsby tremelos). The guitars you see pictured above were listed for a quarter of a million pounds. The listing has since been taken down "because the item is no longer available".

This basically means that someone has put in an offer and it's been settle outside eBay. So we can only speculate as to how much the lot was eventually bought for.

Some of these guitars are one-of-a-kind designs. So somebody, somewhere in the world, is very happy right now!

Rich Beech

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