Would You Like A Slice Of Fail With Your Guitar?

Well maybe you should head to Guitar Fail   18-Oct-11

Would You Like A Slice Of Fail With Your Guitar?

After various conversations with the very talented and very friendly French guitar journalist Sem Souames, he directed me to his Guitar Fail website.

Sem is the man behind guitar sites such as Muzicosphere, and Guitare Live. He is also a former science journalist, and we all know that mad scientists make great guitarists!

So if you are looking for a bit of humour during your lunch hour, then check out Guitar Fail, which is dedicated to the world of stupid guitar inventions, dumb pictures, and ridiculous guitar videos.

Or if you are looking for some bonafide guitar news, and some great product reviews, then head over to Muzicosphere. In fact, if you head over right now, you will see that OUR NEW GUITAR SHOW has made its way into the news stream!

The picture above is from the Guitar Fail site, so for this and many more amusing tidbits, you know where to go.

Rich Beech



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