Kurt Cobain Now Has His Own Graphic Novel

Nirvana guitarist comes to iPad   18-Oct-11

Kurt Cobain Now Has His Own Graphic Novel

We're not sure out of all the things going through Kurt Cobain's mind before his tragic death, that starring in a graphic novel was one of them.

As with all famous musicians who die young, there is always a lingering curiousity, with more than just a hint of morbidity. Obviously someone has seen this as a fantastic gap in the market for iPad users, and you can now relive the final troubled days of Cobains life during your commute to work, whilst pretending to take notes in a business meeting, or whilst sitting in Starbucks and drinking your morning cappucino.

The book was written by Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy, with art by Flameboy. The cover art shows Kurt Cobain sporting a pair of wings with tears literally pouring from his eyes like a waterfall...

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then you can pay $5.99 for your copy in the iPad store.

Oh and it's called God Speed by the way.


Rich Beech



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