Noel Gallagher Re-Recorded Oasis Song After Liam Refused To Sing

More brotherly love from Noel   17-Oct-11

Noel Gallagher Re-Recorded Oasis Song After Liam Refused To Sing

The Gallagher brothers have been sparring in the spotlight recently, with Liam threatening to take Noel to court over certain supposedly defamatory comments by the older brother.

Noel has once again had a dig at Liam in an interview with NME, claiming that Liam had either refused to record vocals for an unheard Oasis song, or couldn't sing the vocals. This apparently led Noel to record the song with his new band (High Flying Birds).

Referring to a track titled '(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine', Noel told The NME:

"It was recorded for 'Don't Believe The Truth' but Liam either refused to sing it or couldn't sing it. I can't remember which one it was.

"Then we re-recorded it for 'Dig Out Your Soul' and it had a 100 piece choir on it. And for whatever reason - I think Liam had fucked off home to get married or something - (it wasn't finished)...It's a shame Liam never got round to singing it.

"It would have made 'Dig Out Your Soul' 10 percent better. I was determined to get it out there. It's been sitting around for 10 years! It's the most Oasis sounding thing on the record, because it was written for Oasis."

It would seem that despite the current lack of brotherly love between Noel and Liam, at least Noel is receiving some good vibes from Americana star, Ryan Adams.

Adams recently spoke to The Sun about seeing the former Oasis guitarist turn up at his gigs:

"I could never believe when I was told he was at one of my shows. It was amazing because I really treasure that guy."

And it also seems that the next generation of Gallaghers will easily be able to match the banter of the Oasis pair. Noel's son recently defaced a written copy of his father's lyrics:

"They were never big Oasis fans. There's a song on my new album, 'If I Had a Gun' - the lyrics go, 'If I had a gun / I'd shoot a hole in the sun' but Donovan, my eldest son, changed them to, 'If I had a gun / I'd shoot a poo out of my bum.'" Noel told Esquire magazine.

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