Radiohead To Head Back To The Studio

Yorke and co will record in December   14-Oct-11

Radiohead To Head Back To The Studio
Radiohead Heads // CC // Zappa, Safir, Kollision

Thom Yorke has announced in an interview that Radiohead will be working on new material in their Oxford studio in December 2011 and January 2012.

Also confirmed recently was the news that the group will be heading out on tour next year, with Portishead drummer, Clive Deamer.

One new track has already been revealed as "Come to Your Senses."

Thom Yorke told Rolling Stone:

"We can get things together quite rapidly at the moment."  

"We have this version of it. It's a five-minute rehearsal, but it has the essence of what we need... There are a few of those." 

"It would be fun to have them ready when we go to play next year. I don't know how we would release them. It would be nice to make it all part of the flow and just enjoy it – not think about it too much."

So what can we expect from the album? Thom has commented that the process is to write songs in the recording studio and then reignite them as a live group. So on that note, it could be more of the same in terms of writing and production style. 

However, the new song does sound a little bit like it's been written as a result of 5 (or 6) guys jamming in a room, so perhaps the vibe of the new album could be a little different if that is sustained as a writing approach.

Unfortunately we'll probably have to wait until 2012 to find out.


Rich Beech



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